Essentials to Keep Handy in Your Cabin Bag

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Preparing your cabin bag for the next flight may seem complex, but we’re here to simplify things for you. This article will provide you with practical advice and tips for organizing your carry-on luggage effectively, whether your trip lasts a weekend or several weeks. The goal? Traveling light and comfortably.

Choosing the appropriate cabin bag and packing it efficiently can save you extra fees, lost time, and inconveniences like loss or theft of personal items. Additionally, it ensures easy access to your belongings during the flight and after your arrival.

You’re probably wondering about the choice of the ideal bag, the essentials to pack, the rules for a smooth passage through security, and tips to deal with unforeseen circumstances? These crucial points will be addressed to guide you effectively through your preparation.

Essentials for a Comfortable and Secure Flight

Make sure to include your travel documents and identification in your cabin bag. This includes your plane ticket, passport or ID card, visa if required, travel insurance, and reservations (hotel, car rental, etc.). It’s wise to make photocopies of these documents and keep them separately from your main bag to prevent any risk of loss or theft.

Travel Documents and Identification

To enhance your flight experience, consider bringing comfort items such as a travel pillow, sleep mask, earplugs, headphones, a book, magazine, game, tablet, or portable charger. These items will help you relax, entertain yourself, and protect yourself from ambient noise and light. Make sure to check the size and weight restrictions for carry-on luggage, as well as the safety standards for electronic devices and lithium batteries imposed by airlines.

Comfort Items for the Flight

Don’t forget to pack your health and personal hygiene items: medications, glasses or contact lenses, first-aid essentials (band-aids, disinfectant, etc.), hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.), beauty products (moisturizer, makeup, etc.), and baby essentials if you’re traveling with an infant. Remember that liquids, gels, aerosols, and pastes must be placed in a transparent resealable plastic bag of maximum 1 liter, with each container not exceeding 100 ml. Duty-free products purchased at airports must be kept in their sealed bag until arrival at your destination.

Health and Personal Hygiene Items

Recommended Items for Dealing with the Unexpected

Carefully preparing your cabin bag does not shield you from surprises during your trip, such as flight delays, baggage loss, climate changes, or even a strike. To better handle these unforeseen events, it’s wise to include a few additional items in your carry-on luggage. Discover the essentials to bring along.

Extra and Versatile Clothing

Having spare clothes in your cabin bag is crucial, especially if your checked luggage is lost or delayed. Opt for comfortable pieces suitable for the season and destination, capable of easily mixing and matching. Think pants, t-shirts, sweater, jacket, underwear, socks, and perhaps a scarf, hat, sunglasses, or umbrella depending on the weather. Wrinkle-resistant and easy-to-pack clothes are preferred to maximize space in your bag.

Allowed Snacks and Beverages

To satisfy hunger pangs and stay hydrated during your journey, especially on long or delayed flights, consider including allowed snacks and beverages in your bag. Dry products like dried fruits, cereal bars, biscuits, chocolates, candies, are good choices. You can also purchase non-alcoholic beverages at duty-free shops, provided they are kept in their sealed plastic packaging. Skip fresh products subject to restrictions or health checks at the destination. Also, remember to hydrate regularly during the flight, either by asking the crew for water or by bringing an empty water bottle to refill after passing security.

Chargers, Adapters, and Electronic Gadgets

Accompanying your electronic devices, such as phone, tablet, laptop, or camera, with their chargers and spare batteries, as well as a universal adapter, is essential, especially if you’re traveling internationally. These accessories will be essential for recharging your devices in airports, on board, or at the hotel, allowing you to stay connected, entertained, or capture your travel moments. Also, consider bringing along some practical gadgets, such as a flashlight with rechargeable batteries, a watch, an alarm clock, or a GPS, to cope with any eventuality.

Items to Keep Handy in Your Cabin Bag

To simplify your journey and ensure a stress-free experience, certain essential items should always be within easy reach in your cabin bag, ideally in an external pocket or a separate bag. These must-haves are crucial during the flight, at boarding, during security checks, and upon arrival. Let’s discover what these items are.

Your Travel Documents and Identification

Your travel documents and identification are the passports of your air travel. They will be required on multiple occasions: checking in your luggage, passing through security, boarding, or going through customs. Their immediate accessibility, thanks to a pouch or document holder, will save you from long unnecessary searches and the risk of losing them.

Your Transparent Plastic Bag containing Liquids

When transporting liquids, gels, aerosols, or pastes in your carry-on baggage, they must be placed in a transparent and resealable plastic bag, not exceeding 1 liter in capacity. Each container must not exceed 100 ml. Present this bag separately during security checks. To avoid hassle, keep it easily accessible, in an external pocket of your bag, or in a separate pouch. This tip will save you time and spare you the embarrassment of opening your suitcase in public.

Your Money and Means of Payment

It is also recommended to keep your money and means of payment close at hand, kept in a wallet or a pouch. This will facilitate your expenses in duty-free shops, purchasing food or drinks on board, or currency exchange upon arrival. Make sure to have cash in euros, dollars, or in the destination country’s currency, as appropriate. Also, consider bringing an international bank card. However, familiarize yourself with restrictions or taxes on large sums before departure.

Your Phone and Electronic Devices

Finally, keeping your phone and other electronic devices easily accessible, in a case or pouch and equipped with spare batteries, is wise. They will thus be immediately available for use during the flight, always respecting the instruction to switch to airplane mode. At security checkpoints, presenting them separately from checked baggage will speed up the process. Also, remember to bring your chargers, headphones, and a universal adapter, essential for keeping your devices operational.


As you have surely understood, organizing your cabin bag for the plane is not a daunting task by following a few key recommendations. It is essential to select the right cabin bag, pack essential items, comply with security directives, and equip yourself with a few items to deal with the unexpected. By doing so, you will enjoy a light, comfortable, and worry-free journey.

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