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Our luggage is manufactured to suit the cabin dimensions of AirFrance / Ryanair / EasyJet / Transavia and all other airlines.

Practical guide to cabin baggage with The AirCompanion: Worry-Free Flight Assured

When planning your trip, it is essential to understand the rules related to The AirCompanion cabin baggage and checked baggage placed in the hold. Embark with confidence, by choosing our Sleek 30 liter Cabin Luggage, an elegant companion for your travels.

The AirCompanion offers you perfect dimensions for your hand luggage, meeting airline standards such as 55 x 40 or 56 x 45. Opt for our Pastella Expandable Cabin Luggage with Free Bag for optimal elegance and practicality.

Once you go through security, make sure you are aware of the camera rules. With The AirCompanion, opt for Priority Boarding for quick access to the boarding gate.

With The AirCompanion, respect the maximum weight of 23 kg to avoid additional costs. Our models, such as the Hybrid Cabin Suitcase in Luggage Size or Suitcase Size, offer you optimal flexibility for all your travel needs.

Discover our exceptional range including the Foldable Travel Bag for minimalist explorers, and our premium collection for travelers seeking comfort, like the Business Class Travel with The AirCompanion.

Remember to respect the weight limits imposed by airlines, especially for low-cost airlines, to avoid additional charges. Choose The AirCompanion for stylish, hassle-free travel. Discover our must-haves and embark on the adventure in style. Bon voyage!

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Our history, Your fellow travelers, for an approved size, everywhere.

Our aim: to optimize your trip with cabin baggage that meets the strict standards of Ryanair, Volotea, Air France, EasyJet, Transavia and Lufthansa.


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Yes ! The bag is considered cabin baggage by all airlines. No more airport fees or headaches!

The Sleek bag is a personal item that you can take on the plane and store under your seat. It does not count as checked baggage, so you can take it with you in your hand baggage free of charge. This saves you money and is a hassle-free way to travel with your belongings.

The backpack has a capacity of 30L, offering ample, practical space for your everyday and travel essentials.

Yes, the bag is totally water-resistant, offering effective weather protection for your gear for outings in all weathers.

The bag is designed with a blend of premium polyester and robust nylon, ensuring excellent durability while remaining lightweight and ultra-comfortable.

When you are preparing to travel by plane, it is important to know the rules and restrictions regarding carry-on baggage on cabin. In the cabin of the plane, you can take one hand baggage which will be placed under the seat in front of you or in the compartment located at the top of your seat. But what items are allowed in cabin baggage? First of all, it is important to respect the restrictions imposed by the airline you are traveling with.
Each airline has its own policy regarding baggage allowance, i.e. the quantity and weight of baggage allowed. Generally, items you can put in cabin baggage include clothing, toiletries such as gels and liquids in containers of no more than 100ml, and a first aid kit. Fragile items, such as musical instruments, sports equipment or works of art, can also be transported in the cabin, provided they are properly packaged and respect the maximum permitted dimensions. It is important to note that certain substances or objects are prohibited in the cabin for safety reasons. These items include firearms, ammunition, explosives, dangerous products, spare lithium-ion batteries, as well as flammable liquids such as alcohol or aerosols. These items must be placed in your checked baggage. However, there are exceptions regarding liquids. You can take liquids in your cabin baggage, but they must be placed in containers of a maximum of 100 ml and then placed in a transparent resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one liter. This bag must be presented separately during airport security checks. Additionally, it is important to note that airlines also place restrictions on the carriage of electronic items such as laptops and cell phones. These items can be carried in the cabin, but passengers may be asked to light them during security checks. Finally, some airlines allow passengers to shop tax-free at the airport. These products must be sealed in transparent plastic bags and can be carried in the cabin, in addition to your hand luggage. In summary, in your cabin baggage, you can take clothes, toiletries weighing less than 100 ml, a first aid kit, fragile objects properly packaged, electronic devices, liquids in a transparent resealable plastic bag, and your tax-free purchases. However, it is necessary to check the specific rules of the airline you are traveling with, as restrictions may vary from airline to airline.

Welcome to our complete guide to cabin luggage, specially dedicated to discerning travelers looking to carry their belongings with AirCompanion bags: the Pastella for women and the Sleek for men. Completely replaces suitcases, handbags, small bags, and will become the perfect ally for your hand luggage, no need to put them in the hold.

AirCompanion’s Pastella and Sleek cabin luggage embody the very essence of cabin luggage, perfectly meeting the strict standards imposed by airlines. These travel companions have been carefully designed to correspond to the authorized dimensions and maximum dimensions in terms of size and kilos, for the airline Ryanair, the airline AirFrance, the airline EasyJet, the airline Transavia, the airline Lufthansa, Airways and more.

Lors de vos périples, la taille de votre bagage pour cabine est cruciale. Think of it as a precise puzzle piece that fits perfectly into the aerial picture. The Pastella and the Sleek scrupulously respect the dimensions recommended by the airlines, thus eliminating any stress when boarding for each passenger with one of our cabin bags. Carry all personal effects except flammable products and prohibited items.

Know the maximum weight allowed for checked baggage. Utilisez des sacs plastiques transparents pour vos liquides conformément aux régulations. If you are traveling with Air Corsica, take into account the specific rules of the company.

La clé d’un voyage sans encombre réside dans l’organisation intelligente de votre bagage pour cabine. The dedicated Pastella and Sleek compartments make it easy to separate the most fragile, rigid items and also provide quick access to your essential items, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience, all you have to do is attach it to your stroller at roulette and that’s it!

Make sure your liquids meet airline restrictions. Familiarize yourself with the baggage allowance allowed, both for the cabin and the hold. Be aware of the rules surrounding the transport of lithium batteries, especially for electronic devices.

Avoid additional fees by respecting the authorized baggage allowance. Use transparent plastic bags for liquids and make sure your cabin suitcase is allowed on board. Be aware of carrying checked baggage and permitted baggage weight.

Think about aviation safety by respecting the rules related to prohibited items. Make sure the total weight of your luggage complies with regulations. If you are traveling with musical instruments, find out about the applicable rules.

Be aware that some airports have specific rules, so be well informed before your departure. If you are only allowed one bag, make sure it meets the established standards. Don’t forget to check the transparency of your plastic bag, especially for liquids.

Finally, be aware of the musical instruments you are carrying and the total weight allowed. Respect the rules in force regarding duty and avoid any excess baggage to guarantee a pleasant and worry-free trip.

Liquids, aerosols and lithium-ion batteries are examples of words that must be specifically mentioned in the rules regarding baggage allowed on board, and their transportation requires special attention from passengers.

For economy class travelers, please check the regulations on the number of bags allowed as well as additional baggage, and ensure that you do not exceed the defined weight and dimensions to avoid excess baggage.

Sports equipment and musical instruments are examples of special equipment that can be transported, but be sure to pack them properly and follow the carrier’s instructions to ensure safe baggage transportation.

Pastella and Sleek bags are made from lightweight yet durable materials, ensuring optimum strength while maintaining a reasonable weight. So you can count on them as reliable travel partners, ready to tackle every stage of your adventure. Unlike low-cost and fragile bags which do not last over time, with a closure which breaks after a few items in the small bag. No additional baggage required or extra charge because your bag is not the right size for the airline!

During the flight, follow the instructions regarding electronic devices. Avoid excess baggage and follow the rules surrounding cargo transportation. Use clear plastic bags for liquids and make sure your checked baggage is correctly labeled.

En résumé, opter pour le bagage pour cabine Pastella et Sleek d’AirCompanion va au-delà d’une simple décision de voyage. This ensures a smooth, organized and elegant flying experience, where every detail counts. Que vous soyez une femme cherchant le raffinement du Pastella ou un homme privilégiant l’élégance du Sleek, Un bagage pour cabine sont vos alliés parfaits pour des voyages sans soucis.

Happy trails with AirCompanion!

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